Does The World Need Another Tech Focused Marketing Blog? (a New Year resolution)

Many of you have New Year resolutions. Well, here is mine.

I blogged at for about four years during 2004-2008 (the site eventually became my agency’ site. Now it redirects to my personal home page as I sold the agency). At that time, blogging about media, marketing and advertising at the cross roads of technology was pretty popular—fast forward to 2015 and it is REALLY popular. But I miss it. I miss having a reason to hone my thoughts and share them with the world, even if only a few hundred people are listening.

Blogging helped me solidify my ideas and it made me a better professional. Blogging got me exposure and speaking gigs that I otherwise would not have gotten. And finally, blogging helped my agency attract prospects.

I am considering starting again but the world of marketing blogs, in particular, is so crowded that I have struggled to find a unique angle so I decided to take a stab and just write about what I am interested in; maybe people will care, maybe they will not.

Enter BrandNewX.

My career has been heavily focused on finding new technologies and leveraging them to build market value for customers. As I get older and more…”seasoned” I am realizing that many of the new marketing approaches are strategically tethered to tried and true strategies, despite their use of new technology. At the end of the day, creating value through great products and services is what really wins.

And so I will attempt to blog again, once or twice a week. I will published on on and cross post to Medium. The truth is I have been planning this for a month already; creating the perfect site design and logo, and you know what, none of that really matters (notice there is no design and the theme is a standard WordPress theme). Oh, and I don’t plan on editing much, so don’t mind the grammar—hopefully the ideas are strong enough.

I hope you enjoy it enough to participate.

Profile photo of Adam Broitman

Named Brand Innovator’s 40 under 40, iMedia’s Internet Marketing Leader to Watch and having founded, and award winning creative agency, Broitman is one of the most sought after minds in modern marketing. Having recently left his post as VP Global Digital Marketing at MasterCard, Broitman relocated to the SF Bay area where he is Managing Partner of MEC Global. He has also advised various startups on product marketing growth. Startups include moment marketing platform, Kiip and cause related digital coupon company, GoodShop.

At MasterCard Broitman led a team responsible for overseeing social, mobile, search, content and other channels across MasterCard’s various regions around the world. Broitman oversaw the launch of award winning campaign Priceless Surprises as well as partnerships with the Rugby World Cup and dance music giant SFX.

Prior to joining MasterCard Broitman founded and successfully sold creative agency, a firm specialized in creative, tech-driven communications. Clients included Red Bull, American Express, Ford, Cisco and many others.

Broitman started his career as a media planner at Digital and made his way to Morpheus Media where he was the second employee. While at Morpheus Broitman helped the company with key wins such as LVMH and A&E.

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