Uber Growth Marketing That Makes Mom Happy

It was Thanksgiving day and my mother was expecting her son (me) and his girlfriend (now fiance) home for Thanksgiving dinner. Our plane arrived at 2PM in NYC and we were expected to be on Long Island by five. We knew we would get there on time, but like any loving mom, mine could not wait.

We hoped in our Uber and I “shared” our trip with my mother.

Share My ETA from Uber
Share My ETA from Uber

My mother was thrilled. She had seen Uber before and loved it, but had not seen this feature. Her ability to watch her son drive home for Thanksgiving dinner was better advertising for Uber than any TV spot could ever be and the beauty was, no media dollars were required for this magical connection. This feature likely came from Uber’s growth team, but it could also be used as a branding mechanic; “Uber brings home the people you love”. 

If I were Uber, I would potentially take this “baked in” product feature and create video out of it, highlighting how Uber brings people together in a way that shows off the brilliance of the product design itself. That is what great advertising is all about. Finding an area where there is a strong product market fit and amplifying in a meaningful human way for all to see.

Team Uber, if you read, feel free to use my idea next holiday season, gratis!




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Named Brand Innovator’s 40 under 40, iMedia’s Internet Marketing Leader to Watch and having founded Circ.us, and award winning creative agency, Broitman is one of the most sought after minds in modern marketing. Having recently left his post as VP Global Digital Marketing at MasterCard, Broitman relocated to the SF Bay area where he is Managing Partner of MEC Global. He has also advised various startups on product marketing growth. Startups include moment marketing platform, Kiip and cause related digital coupon company, GoodShop.

At MasterCard Broitman led a team responsible for overseeing social, mobile, search, content and other channels across MasterCard’s various regions around the world. Broitman oversaw the launch of award winning campaign Priceless Surprises as well as partnerships with the Rugby World Cup and dance music giant SFX.

Prior to joining MasterCard Broitman founded and successfully sold creative agency Circ.us, a firm specialized in creative, tech-driven communications. Clients included Red Bull, American Express, Ford, Cisco and many others.

Broitman started his career as a media planner at Digital and made his way to Morpheus Media where he was the second employee. While at Morpheus Broitman helped the company with key wins such as LVMH and A&E.

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